Climatewalk – A resounding success

Thank you to everyone for making Climatewalk the resounding success that it was. As always we appreciate the generous hospitality of DLA Piper LLP which enabled us to contine providing free events, free event packs and free refreshments open to everyone. Shaun Quegan, Andy Nolan and Panni Poh Yoke Loh respectively contributed their outlook and expertise on climate change issues from the global, local to personal development perspectives. Managing introductions and Q&A session, Perry Walker facilitated a lively discussion followed by the Climatewalk challenges which he developed with colleagues at the New Economics Foundation. By the end of the workshop we all better understood the implications of our carbon footprint and things we need to give up just to maintain the status quo including: long haul flights, one long haul flight every 4 years and allowing Government to disconnect our utility supplies as required. The many stark choices and the validity of our existing lifestyle choices included realisations that: * Biofuel is destroying large amazonian forests while the indiginous population is left to die. * Plastic used in retail, manufacturing, medicine, dentistry is an invisible iceberg and consumer plastic bags is just the tip * Reliance on cars and planes for personal transport and global shipping food is no longer viable. Climatewalk strategies to reverse the situation may seem draconian but the implications of not doing so with temperature increases of up to 6 degrees centigrade were considered infinitely worse. As we all agreed that every little helps, AFI is delighted to say the online registration and related charging policies eliminated waste with a close correlation between registrations and attendees.

About actionforinvolvment

We're an independent think tank, founded in 2006 to bring people in our communities together with policymakers and stakeholders. We create space often in a workshop format to pool ideas, develop networks and tackle hot topics. Since 2009, we’ve focused on the sustainability agenda such as: climate change, energy, housing, technology, transport with interest in:education, health, welfare, regulation and enforcement. Our latest project is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Grant and our next event on 27th June 2013 includes George Monbiot with other high level environmental policy makers.
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