Co-operation for Positive Social Change in Sheffield

One day exhibition celebrating co-operation for positive social change in Sheffield – guided tours, presentations, workshops, food, drink and entertainment by Sheffield based co-ops at Regather Works – Community Centre for Co-operation in Sharrow,

Regather Works & The University of Sheffield School of Architecture: Live Project 3 – Post-graduate architecture students on Live Projects – pioneering educational initiative for students to work on real projects on 4 key themes – building, landscape, heritage and events. Student team members on hand to discuss their work.

Regather Kitchen:  Food & drink is an essential part of the Regather Co-Op. The kitchen will be working to bring you the following tasty dishes – butternut squash curry, beatroot soup and leek & lime soup, with bread from Cat Lane bakery. Yum

Regather Shop: Regather traders have been working with local builders to breathe new life into the Co-op’s home – a listed building. We’re delighted to throw open the doors to the newly refurbed Regather Shop.  Nearly every fixture and fitting has been re-used, recycled or re-made in some way – we hope you like it!

  • What is Regather?  The innovative trading co-op.
  • Day Trip to Co-Ops United: Reflections on a day trip to the world co-operative expo in Manchester.
  • Co-Ops – A Global Perspective: Get the facts on 1 billion member, 100 million employee, $1.1 trillion global co-operative movement.
  • What’s in the Box? An insight into our local fruit & veg box scheme.
  • Exhibitors: Sheffield Renewables; Sheffield LETs,  Co-Operative Group, Sheffield Business School, School of Co-Operative and Social Enterprise, Ethical Consumer,, Regather Invest, Peace in the Park, Bike Workshop

About actionforinvolvment

We're an independent think tank, founded in 2006 to bring people in our communities together with policymakers and stakeholders. We create space often in a workshop format to pool ideas, develop networks and tackle hot topics. Since 2009, we’ve focused on the sustainability agenda such as: climate change, energy, housing, technology, transport with interest in:education, health, welfare, regulation and enforcement. Our latest project is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Grant and our next event on 27th June 2013 includes George Monbiot with other high level environmental policy makers.
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