My TEDx Talk: How I Hacked an Ultramarathon By Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

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“There will be ups and downs, smiles and frowns”
Snoop Dogg, “Ups & Downs

In September 2014, I ran the Wasatch 100-mile race in Utah, reaching my goal to finish in under 30 hours. The catch is that I didn’t train for the Wasatch ultramaraton due to an injury, and yet I stubbornly (maybe foolishly) decided to run the race anyway.

So how did I survive? I devised an unconventional plan, one based on the principles of entrepreneurship.

At first glance, the only relationship between entrepreneurship and ultra long-distance running is the business metaphor that entrepreneurship “is a marathon, not a race.” But there are deeper similarities, which I had the opportunity to explain in a TEDx talk in Boston. Watch my talk below to hear my story.

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