What goes around comes around

A story: When I was at primary school one of the lads in my class – a real right tearaway, always in the soup and the Head’s office for a caning – plastered chewing gum all over my sister’s massive plait – it went all the way down her back.

He got a tanning and possibly a suspension as well, my mum hit the roof and as I was standing two people away from him and saw the whole thing it’s indelibly etched in my memory. I recently had a short contact with him, reminded him of the episode which he’d quite forgotten. Hen then said that some years later someone had done the same to him at the Royal Albert Hall!

The lad, now an industry professional in his field assures me that despite having had a mis-spent childhood he became a model citizen from about 13!

About actionforinvolvment

We're an independent think tank, founded in 2006 to bring people in our communities together with policymakers and stakeholders. We create space often in a workshop format to pool ideas, develop networks and tackle hot topics. Since 2009, we’ve focused on the sustainability agenda such as: climate change, energy, housing, technology, transport with interest in:education, health, welfare, regulation and enforcement. Our latest project is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Grant and our next event on 27th June 2013 includes George Monbiot with other high level environmental policy makers.
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