Protecting the Blue Loop, 22nd Sept, Kelham Island

Protecting the Blue Loop

Why is the Blue Loop important to Sheffield? (Victoria Wright, School of Animal and Plant Sciences).

Diffuse Pollution – Why is it a problem and what can you do about it? (Adam Broadhead, Catchment Science Centre).

Non Indigenous Species – Why are they a problem and what can you do about them? (David Anderson, School of Geography).

Only 50 places! First come first served.

About actionforinvolvment

We're an independent think tank, founded in 2006 to bring people in our communities together with policymakers and stakeholders. We create space often in a workshop format to pool ideas, develop networks and tackle hot topics. Since 2009, we’ve focused on the sustainability agenda such as: climate change, energy, housing, technology, transport with interest in:education, health, welfare, regulation and enforcement. Our latest project is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Grant and our next event on 27th June 2013 includes George Monbiot with other high level environmental policy makers.
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